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Yoga Teacher Training: Wellness Story #5

…One of the major changes that I decided to pursue was to become a certified yoga instructor.  I didn’t choose to do this as a way to become a full-time yoga teacher, nor did I do it with the intention of opening my own studio; I wanted to be able to apply yogic principles and practices to everything I did in life, and primarily, with my services and offerings as a music teacher.  Systematic breathing, body awareness, mind-body-spirit balancing practices; . . . all of these appealed to me as a teacher of music, so I made the choice to take the plunge. Teacher training isn’t exactly cheap, and it’s a huge time commitment, and so I didn’t take it lightly.

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Harvest Gathering (Year 1): Wellness Story #4

The next day after I was settled in, I had my classes and this is where the magick of this story comes in.  I was delivering sound healings using the crystal bowls, tuning forks, and mostly, my didgeridoo.  I fell into a trance-like groove while working with the bodies and the sounds.  I was scanning people’s bodies, using the didj essentially as a dowsing rod for injuries and areas in need of healing.  To my surprise, I was discovering all kinds of energetics intuitively, and with my tools.  

I recall scanning someone's body,  and stopping at their shoulder and asking, “What’s going on here in your body?”, and I was blown away when I was told that there had recently been a surgery in that spot and that it was in recovery. 

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The Artist: Wellness Story #3

When I think of this person, it reminds me that you can’t kill the imagination sometimes, even in a place where medicated living is the norm, where the energy is heavy as a result of so many people struggling in life, and where one is confined to a limited space (though of course not like a 1 x 1 prison cell.  The grounds of the hospital are fairly large, and there are trees, and other soft features, but… the place is still surrounded by a fence. It’s an interesting contrast; barbed wire and gardens, but not to keep the animals out of the veggies, but to keep the people inside the walls where they are. Just remember that art can find root ANYWHERE.  In an abandoned alleyway, a grim war torn landscape, a garden, or even a psychiatric hospital. Never cease to use the imagination, and let it run free no matter where you are. 

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Reach Out Speak Out- Wellness Story #2

For nearly three years I have been working as a group facilitator at Reach out Speak Out Community Center in Trenton, New Jersey. The group has been primarily the same cast of folks since I started there, with the exception of some people that were regionally local temporarily, or in transit through other transitions in their journeys, but for the most part, it’s the same group. And what a group they are! I have seen their growth and changes over the last few years and it is quite amazing. Many of these people have histories within various aspects of state and county behavioral or mental health institutions, substance abuse programs, or other special needs and circumstance based counseling programs. I’ll tell you though, this group is an absolute hoot!! I have had so many laughs with these folks, and built up many many memories. It’s an absolute delight to serve them as a facilitator.

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Music & Wellness at Sacred Fire Circles

Sacred Fire Circles

Music and Wellness very often share space in an activity or happening, when music sometimes is the delivery mechanism for wellness and likewise. Other times music and wellness share space separately but in tandem while maintaining their own autonomy. One of the places that I have discovered this particular dynamic is in sacred fired circles.

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The Benefits Of Travel and Adventure

Modern day living is fairly hectic. People get up, make coffee, check Facebook, work, get home, do chores, check Facebook again, have dinner, clean up, check Facebook, and sleep. This isn't the case for all, but it definitely is for many. Gone are the days in America where the farmer is up before dawn working long hours until sundown... The closest to that life that most people get is through App games like Farmville. One of the greatest tragedies a life can sustain, in my opinion, is never getting out and seeing in person all the things that are seen on TV, or in pictures. Have you ever seen a photo of Stonehenge and said “before I die, I will get there...” ? I know I have had thoughts like this.

Here is the brain buster... YOU CAN. There is little stopping you. It all depends on how bad you want it, how serious your intention is, and what you are willing to do to get there.

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Deep Clean

“Cleanliness is next to Godliness.”  This expression is commonly known, and often used.  The reason for that is because it TRUE. Or at least it feels true to me.

Recently I finally broke my funk regarding getting to yoga class, something that is difficult for me at times given my work schedule.  I took an intermediate class with my Yoga Teacher Training Yoga, Tarra Madore, at Smart Asana yoga. I'm picky about my yoga classes because I can't go often, so when I do, I want it to be the way I know to be best for me. Her classes always do me well, and no matter how long it's been between sessions, I can always fall right back into the flow.  200 hours of teacher training comes back just by showing up in my case.

I took the class and it energized me like you wouldn't believe.  I know this is always how it goes in my body. It's really just a matter of schedule often, so if anything there is a desire to go always.  Anyway, the class really broke open my stagnancy, and so that night I was buzzing. I got home and dove into DEEP cleaning my space.

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Energetics, Cleansing, and Awareness

If there’s one thing that spiritualists, and scientists can agree on, it’s the fact that various energies exist.  Some may call them good or bad “vibes”, or they can also be described as “feelings” or energetic “signatures”.

Take a moment to explore your own experiences… Can you recall a time when, a particular place, person, or thing gave you a strong sense of comfort, security, or relaxation?.. Can you remember times when you felt the opposite, where you felt unease, discomfort, or even unwell?.. What do you suppose is at the root of that?

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3 Ways To Stay Motivated

Motivation is something that seems to come and go.  What is it that drives us to pursue something? Where does that fire originate, and more importantly, how do we keep that fire lit?  Motivation, the thing that pushes us forward, but the thing that also can be daunting and overwhelming. How do we wrestle this beast into serving us instead of scaring us?  Here are some tips I can share from my experiences:

1. Gimmie fuel, gimmie fire, gimmie that which I desire!! YEAH!!

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5 Reasons Musicians Can Benefit From A Yoga Practice Routine Blog

I have been a yogi almost as long as I have been a musician.  I started music at around age twelve, and I found yoga probably somewhere around sixteen or so, and both have been constants in my life ever since.  To write about each and every time yoga has made it possible for me to keep being a musician would take one hundred thousand words, as would describing all of the times that music and yoga have crossed paths on my journey.  I will certainly try here, in this blog,to quantize my experiences into a few worthy bullet points intended to help musicians and yogis bridge the gap between their worlds.

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Going outside your comfort zone to find Inspiration and the roots of New Creation

Down time is crucial, plain and simple.  Even in alchemy, there is a phase called separation, where the matter breaks apart and reveals new characteristics and qualities that can be utilized in new and exciting ways.  The important thing though is to allow time for such a process to occur.

More importantly, while it’s good to be able to be a driven, creative person, nurturing a life outside the walls of creation is incredibly valuable for maintaining a sense of personal balance.  

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5 Ways To Be Healthy As A Creative Professional

The arts industries are often rife with stories of decadence, debauchery, and all too often, unfortunate outcomes.  The old mantra “Sex, Drugs, and Rock n’ Roll…” rings all too true. It kind of comes with the territory, and really any industry is going to experience crossovers.  Music and video are often synced art appears in TV shows and on posters for concerts, fashion utilizes all of these elements, and so on. It’s all connected. And the reality is that in these industries, more so than say, being a grocery store regional manager, there are illicit substances, alcohol, late nights, parties, after-parties, and all of the things you can imagine.  In many ways, it’s the nature of the industry and it’s apparent within all levels of the business. Provided in this list are some pieces of wisdom that I have collected over the years that have helped me maintain a personal standard of excellence, but most importantly, sustainable longevity and abundance.

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