Yoga Teacher Training: Wellness Story #5


In 2015, I was in the midst of my Yoga Teacher Training at what was then called Inner Light Yoga Studio, in North Brunswick, New Jersey.  The studio is now called Smart Asana System Yoga.  

I had been very active and interested in yoga since I was at least 17 years old or so,  and over the years I came and went from my practice.

In 2013, I had sought a divorce from my marriage, and so as part of my self-recreation, I was implementing a lot of new practices, experiences, education, and lifestyles.  One of the major changes that I decided to pursue was to become a certified yoga instructor.  

I didn’t choose to do this as a way to become a full-time yoga teacher, nor did I do it with the intention of opening my own studio; I wanted to be able to apply yogic principles and practices to everything I did in life, and primarily, with my services and offerings as a music teacher.  Systematic breathing, body awareness, mind-body-spirit balancing practices; . . . all of these appealed to me as a teacher of music, so I made the choice to take the plunge. Teacher training isn’t exactly cheap, and it’s a huge time commitment, and so I didn’t take it lightly.  

I only missed one segment of the program, which I made up, because my father had succumbed to cancer.  He had no burial plans and he desired no services, so when he passed, it was literally over except for paperwork.  It seems kind of weird and cold, but that’s the way he pre-planned his exit from this life, and so the day he died I went back home, rested, and went to teacher training the very next day.  What else could I do? . . . And really, there was no better way to try to come out of the energy of experiencing his passing. This was a profound aspect to my training experience.

I worked really hard through the training and I tried my best to keep up, which wasn’t that hard, though the program was the first in-depth educational experience I had undergone since graduating high school, . . . with quizzes, tests, and lectures; . . . all of that.  I had somewhat forgotten what it was like.

The training was amazing to say the least.  I deepened my practice and took my body, mind and spirit on quite the journey.  We explored all types of yoga from standard standing practices to yoga for disabilities, to partner yoga, and of course, we covered extensive philosophical curriculums, health regimenting, and even business practices appropriate to the industry.  It was a great and well rounded program and I’m glad I took it. I have honestly desired to expand my certification to a 500 hour program, but the schedules and finances aren't exactly yet lined up. In time though, it is likely to be a thing I choose to do. 

At the end of the program we were given our final exam, and I am proud to say that I scored a 98/100,  which was an absolute thrill considering that I was never the best student in school, at least not as far as exams go.  I have been a historically bad tester in my school career, and I was used to a lot of C’s, D’s and yes, even F’s.. with the exceptions of Art, Business, and Music.  I got A’s in all of those classes, and here I am years later using my skills as a businessman, artist, and Professional Musician. . . But I digress. Getting such a strong core really put my mind in a path of YES when it came to utilizing yoga as part of my offerings across the board.  I have used my teaching certificate to land long term jobs working for CSPNJ, a New Jersey based resource center for the community, as well as Trenton State Psychiatric, at festivals, and so many other places and venues. My certification really has bolstered my career and my abundance, and so it was a truly wise investment. 

The Take Away From This Story

When education is properly aligned with a profession, great things can result.  Choose to learn, and to expand your experience in this life. Sometimes a financial risk is part of the deal.  In my case, the program was nearly $3,500 or so, which is a lot for me, and I had to make sacrifices to manifest the certification at the end of it.  It has only served me well though so I sleep sound with that choice. Check in with yourself and ask, “What can I learn that will improve my entire state of being?,” as a person, a business owner, a student, or whatever it is that you are striving to be in this life.  

Till next time, as we say in Yoga. . .


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