Harvest Gathering (Year 1): Wellness Story #4

Harvest Gathering with Jenna Greene

When I first got into the world of sound healing, crystal magick, and vibrational therapies, I had just gotten back from a sabbatical in New Mexico after my father had passed away from cancer.  

While I was there, I was exposed to all kinds of things I hadn’t been aware of previously.  

So fast forward, . . . I had been back from New Mexico for a month or so, and I was finding new opportunities and clients utilizing my new tools (quartz crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, crystals, etc.), and so I ended up at a psychic fair run by my friend Ambriel, in New York State.  She had a storefront there, and on-going series of public events.  

It was while there that I met one of the organizers of a festival in Connecticut called Harvest Gathering.  We exchanged information and discussed maybe bringing me in the following year, since their roster was full for the upcoming installment of the festival.

I got a call not too long after this event, and as it turned out, the sound healer for the Harvest Gathering event had to drop out last minute so they asked if I would be willing to drive up from New Jersey to fill the spot.  I excitedly agreed and quickly packed up my things and made my way to the event.  

The next day after I was settled in, I had my classes and this is where the magick of this story comes in.  I was delivering sound healings using the crystal bowls, tuning forks, and mostly, my didgeridoo.  

I fell into a trance-like groove while working with the bodies and the sounds.  I was scanning people’s bodies, using the didj essentially as a dowsing rod for injuries and areas in need of healing.  To my surprise, I was discovering all kinds of energetics intuitively, and with my tools.  

I recall scanning someone's body,  and stopping at their shoulder and asking, “What’s going on here in your body?”, and I was blown away when I was told that there had recently been a surgery in that spot and that it was in recovery.  I had NO idea about this prior to doing the healing, and there was no obvious indicator that there had been surgery. And then, as I moved along and worked on others in the circle - there was something like 20 people in that first session I did - I just kept hitting the nail on the head identifying people's needs from the healing I was delivering.  I remember another person getting scanned and I asked about their head, and inquired if they were prone to migraines. Now mind that migraines are not as super common as a temporary headache. . . Not everyone has had one of these. I never have so I found it intriguing to learn that this person had been suffering from chronic migraines for years. . . and this is how the session went.  

I just remember being in awe of these skills revealing themselves to me, and in such a new dynamic environment, with a bunch of strangers, many of whom would go on to become great friends, lovers, collaborators, and tribe from then to this very day.  That first Harvest Gathering brought a lot of magick into my life, and it really marked one of my earliest journeys in this exciting field of work. I literally just fell into this career path, and though it was not something I had previously envisioned myself doing, I am SO amazed and glad that this is where I am.  I love doing what I do, and I wouldn’t change it for anything.  

I am forever grateful for this first major opportunity,  as it was a gateway into so many other great connections and adventures in my life, and it was also one of the first times I really remember being face to face with the reality that I have some powerful intuition, especially when paired with music.  Music has been my language for over two decades, and to have wellness and healing become part of my journey is a complete blessing.

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