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5 Tips For Successful Collaboration

When collaborating, there are many dynamics at play.  These dynamics can include elements of individual personality characteristics, quantity and quality of egos, experience, and onward. Collaboration is an ever-evolving process and practice, and with time it can yield the sweetest of results creatively, no matter what your medium.  Following are some tips on how I have personally cultivated my creative relationships.

1. Check Your Ego at the Door

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Collaboration is all about bringing people, ideas, and skills together to serve something greater than any of the individual components.  It’s a relationship, and therefore it needs to maintain a healthy balance to optimally function. That’s not to say that some conflict is bad;  the old saying that conflict breeds creation does actually hold weight. Whether or not the conflict or drama becomes the nucleus of a collaboration is a different thing altogether.  Creation is a joyous process, and it should (hopefully) mostly be about the journey of having nothing, to having something... Thoughts become things…. That’s the ideal outcome of collaboration.  Sometimes though, toxicity can get in the way and disrupt that process. Here are some tell tale signs that a collaboration dynamic is going sour…

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