The Importance Of Kindness

Kindness, as a practice, feeds all areas of one's' personal, creative, and professional life. Practicing kindness softens walls that are not always needed – not to diminish the importance of boundaries, not at all – but more so the ones that do not serve us. Envy, jealousy, self doubt, low self-esteem, over-caution, trauma, and other low vibration energies are some such energies. Exhibiting kindness towards one's self as well as towards others helps one to develop feelings and thoughts of authentic self-joy and compersion (the sense of joy for another's joy). Having a frigid demeanor, where the warmth of kindness falls to the wayside, is a fast track road to dismantling all good things in one's life environment. Kindness MUST be an element in the formula, because left out, there cannot be authentic joy in any capacity. To be unkind is to breed hurt, and pain, and to further perpetuate suffering.

What Is Unkind?

It is unkind to diminish one's own or another's accomplishments, progress, goals, dreams, successes, or achievements, or to naysay and downplay the awesome nature of any of the aforementioned list items.

It is unkind to revel in any other beings misfortune, suffering, or struggle.

It is unkind to be indifferent or dismissive to something that is in one's own power to influence in a positive way.

It is unkind to project one's own feelings and/or experiences unto others; to share the pain, as it were. Often this happens: “I'm having a bad day, so you should suffer too”.. because misery loves company.

It is unkind to cheat, steal, manipulate, and/or exploit at oneself, or other detriment

It is unkind to drill negative, destructive affirmations such as :

“I'm (or this) isn't good enough”: “No one cares, so why should I bother”: “This isn't important”.. and so on and so forth.

I have a mantra I DO like to utilize, and that is this:

“If you are cruel to your creations, then your creations will cease to come”.. so in essence.. DO NOT be abusive to your creative manifestations or ideas. If you do, they will dry up like a puddle in the desert.

Take some time to ponder this.. I'm sure that you can come up with other acts of unkindness.

Practicing Kindness In Small Ways That Add Up:

Express gratitude whenever possible. This goes a long way in healing ALL elements of reality and existence. There is a famous saying, “The energy goes where attention flows”, so if it is flowing towards gratitude, then a feeling of gratitude is what is likely to blossom. But the first step is to express gratitude. For many, this is the hardest part, yet it is the most crucial catalyst.

What are you grateful for?

DO NOT entertain feelings of regret about being authentic. For me this is a tricky one, at times I go out of my way to facilitate opportunity and abundance for others. It is my authentic nature to do these things, but admirably, I don't often think that I am on the other end of this, where abundance and opportunity are presented back to me. My first tendency is sometimes to feel like I “shouldn't” lend myself so freely if it's one sided.. but that is a toxic way of thinking. So in this context, a way to be kind to one's self is to remember that “I did this thing because it made / makes me feel good” - not because I have / had an expectation of reciprocation. This one is somewhat difficult to really digest and imbibe. The way to practice kindness towards others here, if to do whatever it is that you are inclined to do. So simply put, if giving a dollar to a homeless person makes you feel good, but don't do it because you expect it to come back to you.

Practice the power of random acts of kindness. The action of holding a door for someone is a good example of this.. doing such an action demonstrates that a moment can be spared, even in a busy life and world, to help someone else have an easier time, or that they are worthy of that moment without doing anything to earn or deserve it. It's a gifted moment, and sometimes that's all a person needs to feel their day or week, or even year, to turn around. Adding a smile, eye contact, and a friendly gesture never hurts either, instead it sweetens the interaction. It can also leave someone perplexed as to “why would they do that for me”, if they are in a place of feeling less than worthy of attention, effort, or acknowledgement. Sometimes, that actually the fun part.. discovering how a small random act of kindness can wake someone up to a larger picture and way of existing in the world. Be creative: pay for someone's coffee, hold that door open, offer a hand to someone who is carrying heavy things,.. the opportunities are infinite.

What are some random acts of kindness that come to mind?

“Life is very short and there's no time for fussing and fighting my friends..”

Life is short. It really is. Trees and rocks are immortal when compared to a human lifespan. So WHY be unhappy by being unkind. Let's face it, often, people that practice unkindness are also often people are not seemingly overtly happy with their station in life. Happy people don't commonly, in my experience, go out of their way to make others unhappy by burdening them with harsh words, or actions. This is not a universal truth, but it is what I have noticed or seen in my time enough to take it as a fairly certain truth. Choose kindness, it will make a difference in the world, it really will.

Till next time;  Be well.

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