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Welcome to the JC Music and Wellness Blog

Welcome to the launch of the first part of JC Music And Wellness’s website, the JC Music and Wellness Blog!

We are releasing the website in four parts, with each one focusing on a different aspect of JC Music and Wellness.We are approaching these sections in a magickal way; elementally; as in Air, Earth, Water, and Fire, with each one having a very specific focus and intention. In magick, each element has qualities and characteristics that make them special and unique, and they also have deeply seeded archetypical associations.  This first section of the website, the blog, is associated with the element AIR.

Air is the element of creativity, intellect, and communication, and its color representation is yellow.  Its directional association is for East. It seemed fitting to have the Air aspect be the first part launched, as we wanted to “open the way”, and communicate about the past, present, and future of JCMW activities, offerings, and happenings via blogs, podcasts, vlogs, newsletters, and regular social media updates. After a whole lot of hard work, the launch of this first aspect of the website is invigorating to say the least; it is the culmination of endless hours of organizing and planning, and it is a complete thrill to finally see it all come together.

We look forward to sharing our world with you here on the web, and are eager to bring forth content for your enlightenment, education, and enjoyment. We’ll see you on the site!!

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