The Benefits Of Travel and Adventure


Modern day living is fairly hectic. People get up, make coffee, check Facebook, work, get home, do chores, check Facebook again, have dinner, clean up, check Facebook, and sleep. This isn't the case for all, but it definitely is for many. Gone are the days in America where the farmer is up before dawn working long hours until sundown... The closest to that life that most people get is through App games like Farmville. One of the greatest tragedies a life can sustain, in my opinion, is never getting out and seeing in person all the things that are seen on TV, or in pictures. Have you ever seen a photo of Stonehenge and said “before I die, I will get there...” ? I know I have had thoughts like this.

Here is the brain buster... YOU CAN. There is little stopping you. It all depends on how bad you want it, how serious your intention is, and what you are willing to do to get there.

It is my belief that travel is an essential element of a life well lived. It can be little travel, like venturing two states away, or it can be big travel, where you fly across the world.

This blog will explore the benefits of traveling as a part of a life-wellness practice.

“Leaving on a jet plane...”

For me, flying is exhilarating. The rush of getting to the airport, the hustle of getting through the check-in, and the thrill of actually boarding the plane. All of that gets me stimulated, and that doesn't even account for the actual destination arrival. “Half the fun is getting there” many people have said, and I believe that to be true. This idea doesn't only apply to flying; I get all of the same sensations from boarding a bus, train, boat, or even car. It's just all about the journey and the choice to get out of town and see something new and exciting. Life is short, and we can perish at any time really. It often crosses my mind that I could get hit by a car, or choke on a chicken nugget.. my point is, that there are no guarantees. So we as people, should really squeeze the most juice out of life and get in the experiences while we can.

The big question: Where do you long to go?... If you haven't pondered this, maybe it's time to do just that. Perhaps make a wish list travel itinerary. You never know, writing it down just may inspire steps to make it happen..

“I'm In Love With My Car, Got A Feel For My Automobile...”

My car is my most prized material possession, hands down. A personal vehicle is not just an expensive bucket of bolts, it's a symbol of freedom, an icon of adventure, a means to have infinite experiences. I typically put about 30k miles on my car a year, and with those miles comes memories. For as much as I do travel, I wish I did more to be honest. I have pretty regular road trips, and I leave the state I live in a lot, so there is no shortage of time out and about in the world in my life. I have aspirations to go more international.. but aside from all of this about me, the message here is this: Get up, get out, and live. Take a drive to somewhere new. Don't have a car that you own, but have a license?.. Get a rental for a weekend and chase down the sun as you explore new horizons. Don't have a car or a license? Pay for the gas and get a friend to go with you. In my business and life I probably spend at least 35-40% of my time driving, and that is honestly a perk of my path. I enjoy the time listening to music, and having long conversations, and seeing all the sights that whizz by. I've seen countless sunsets from my windshield, and no shortage of sunrises either. Can you remember the last time you drove all night to get somewhere special? Have you ever tried to count your own windshield sunrises?

“Take it all in..”

Breaking up the norm with travel is one of the best ways to inspire new ideas and to gain fresh perspectives. Simple things like experiencing new aromas, like the way a bakery smells in France, or seeing unfamiliar wildlife, like the famous (fat) black squirrels of Niagara Falls, or hearing the sound of the Pacific from the California coast; these sensory experiences can so easily redirect creative impulses and open new horizons. 

Local life is easily taken for granted no matter where you live. I'm sure that the desert beauty sometimes escapes the senses of a person who's lived there for a lifetime. But if that same person goes to a tropical rainforest in South America, then they are likely to be flooded with awe and wonder, two things that are at the root of creativity, ingenuity, and inspiration. Inspired ideas are often a direct result of a sensory explosion of colors, tastes, sounds, and scenes; local life can get dull and mundane, so change it up!! Find someplace that is the literal opposite of what you are accustomed to. If you are a city dweller then go to the forest. If you are a west coaster, then explore the east coast or cross the ocean. If you are living in an arctic tundra, then visit the Mojave Desert. 

The sky's the limit and no one or nothing is stopping you. Money should not be a deterrent, because if you want something bad enough, you will find a way to manifest it as if it was non-negotiable. Most people won't say “I won't pay this bill because I have no money”, especially if it's for a necessity like taxes or legal fines, and that's because if such things go unpaid then you will find yourself in a jailhouse. Most people reject that option as a reality, and so they find a way to make it work. Approach your life experiences with the same intensity and hard-line approach of “I have no choice, this needs to work”. Only with a strong commitment like that will you begin to take yourself seriously about your desires.

“No excuses..”

In this day and age there are SO many resources that it almost eliminates the validity of most excuses as to why traveling isn't an option. If a place to stay is an issue over money, there are sites like CouchSurf.Com, where people offer up their spare quarters for travelers. And there are work exchange opportunities everywhere, so if your goal is to travel to a festival eight states away, then reach out and look into volunteer positions, that way money is not an issue. In my own recent travels to Las Vegas for Mayfire, a spiritual retreat of sorts, I inquired about work trade and when I was approved my admission was reduced by 50% which made a radical difference in my ability to attend. Flights to Las Vegas were expensive, so the solution was to take a red eye flight that left at 11pm and arrived a 7am, which are some of the least desirable travel times, especially with time zone fluctuations, which can be a little hard on the body. My point is this: where there’s a will, there's a way, and really no obstacle is too great with a little bit of creative planning. So what is it that would hold you back? What excuses have you burdened yourself with that prevent you from seeing the Japanese countryside you dream of, or that snowy mountain top in Canada?.. What obstacle have you placed in your own way...?

“On the road again..”

So in conclusion, I want to ask this. What are you waiting for?! Where do you want to go? What places have you only visited in your dreams? Travel in 2019 (the time of this writing) is pretty manageable with the right attitude and intentions. The internet has facilitated discussion groups and platforms where just about any and all travel necessities are accounted for. Free lodging is a reality depending where you stay. Free food can always be found via community dinners and pantries. Ride shares across country happen everyday, and the list goes on. All you have to do is make the choice and make it happen. So what are you waiting for.. get out there and do the thing!!

Travel well, Friends

Be well

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