Inspiration And Technology


Inspiration is a slippery thing.  It comes and it goes. It strikes us in moments when we aren’t prepared, and it isn’t always something that makes itself known when it appears. It’s no surprise that the perfect lyric comes to us when we don't have a pen and paper handy, or a melody that creeps into our head when there is nothing to do but sing it a million times to try to remember it.  So the best thing a creative person can do is to be prepared at all times. It seems like a big task to always have a go-bag ready to capture such gems in the moment they decide to appear. It IS a big task, and the difference between a person that seizes the moment and one who doesn’t is in fact that go-bag of preparedness. I ALWAYS have a pen and paper no matter where I go.  I literally travel with these crucial tools everywhere. If you see me, I’m likely to have a backpack with me. My go-bag, if you will. That is what sets me apart from others that lose the precious diamonds of creativity. I am always ready to receive and capture. Are you?

Let’s talk about some ways to always be prepared.

I have already mentioned having a paper and pen ready but what else is there?.. I shall tell you.  

In an age where just about everyone has a smartphone, remember one thing (if you have one)… it’s a smart phone!! It has endless features; voice recorders, memo apps, actual recording software, cameras, graphic art software, dictionaries, thesauruses, rhyme dictionaries, and the internet… SO MANY RESOURCES.  It always amuses me when I talk to people and they overlook this fact.. I ask “Did you record that?”, and I get a blank stare or an “oh yeahhhhh” face.. When I work with lyricists and they are stuck for hours on a rhyme, I ask “Did you look in your rhyme app?”, and the same “Ah-ha” face again appears. If you have a smartphone, USE IT!! I am of one of the last generations of life-before-cell-phones, and I remember what it was like to NOT have this tool.  It was much harder and productivity was a much more involved artform. To get things done a certain way, there were a lot more hoops to jump through. I remember the first time I realized that I could stop carrying around a tape recorder and tapes, and instead just hit record on my memo app.. It was life changing. Lesson being: Use Your Phone if you have one. If you don’t have one, if you are of the old-school mentality of “Well I don’t need or want one”, and if you are a creative looking to keep up in this day and age, well, you are doing yourself a bit of a disservice in my opinion. The beauty of living in the “future” is that we have futuristic toys that have been designed to make life more efficient and productive.  

Now let’s talk about inspiration and social media.  Social media being at your fingertips is another huge step forward out of the old paradigm.   With the advent of social media it has become a reality that not only can a person capture their ideas with two clicks on a cell phone, but they can also immediately share and build an audience for their creations!!! Like Oh my God… this was unheard of in the past.  What is more inspiring than people being able to comment on, validate (or smash down- that’s the risk you take going public), share, or otherwise engage with an artist? Most artists have the foremost desire to be seen, heard, or recognized, and those forms of validation are such an incredible driving force to keep creating, keep building, and keep sharing, and generally, keep it up.  Validation is amazing, just be sure to also mind the perils of the technology. But either way, inspiration comes from exposure, experience, and spontaneous “happenings”. It all depends on the creator. For some, negative feedback can be crushing and serve as a villain that destroys a person's desire to create. In my opinion, if a person is to be destroyed by negative feedback, then that person needs to do some more inner work to be able to stomach the condemnation as well as the praise.   For others, the praise is the motivation mechanism. Regardless, inspiration has the potential to appear. How will you embrace or chase it away when the moment comes? That, dear reader, is solely up to you, Inspiration will “be” whether or not it is recognized. So pay attention and approach it like a wild rare animal; with care, with awareness, with an open mind, and an open heart.

Most importantly;  the MOST important thing.. Do not be self sabotaging with a negative attitude.  Do not judge, or harshly attack your muse, your inspirational being… I have a favorite mantra about this “If you are cruel to your creations then your creations will cease to come”.

Welcome the muse with a soft and gentle heart, and invite it in to linger for a while.  Develop a rapport with it and then, later, after some time of courtship, begin to refine and craft what has appeared.  But inspiration is the first step. Let it be what it is, and the rest will come.

Now to tie it all together into the idea of Inspiration and Technology.

Inspiration is the voice of God/dess;  the source speaking its will through us, the little primates turned artists.  

Technology is the unstoppable force of the ever curious and evolving brain, one of the many ways that inspiration becomes “a thing” manifested.  Technology is the child of inspiration itself.

Marry the two in your modern mind.  Use the technology to capture the inspiration.  

Record those melodies, take those pictures, voice memo those lyrics… hell, smartphones and tablets even have amazing art programs for fine-arts creators.  Painters and sketch artists don’t even need paint and paper anymore!! This tech doesn’t mean that we have to abandon our traditional materials and methods, but it certainly does provide new options and resources to revel in the bliss of inspiration.  These two things, inspiration and technology dance together, intertwined, and ever-mingling, feeding each other. At one point a paintbrush was “new” tech, as was paper, or pens… before we had these tools (which were the result of inspiration) there was mud smeared on cave walls, and drawings in the sand.  

Life is always pushing forward and as long as beings are curious and driven to express themselves, the art of creation and the spirit of innovation WILL NEVER DIE.  

it won’t cease, and it won’t slow.  It will push onward into the future, as it always has.  

Ponder these concepts, and explore the nature of your own muse.  Contemplate your utilization of technology, and see how it all ties together for you.. Who knows, you may just find yourself feeling inspired...

Till next time, reader, Be well.

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