The Dubbakas: Family Support Story #12


Ashrith was a student who I worked with for quite a few years.  He started right around the same time as a few of my other students, namely Advait, who was featured in another Family Support Blog.  Ashrith, Advait, and a few others all lived in the same neighborhood, so they were fairly interactive with each other as students.

Ashrith started guitar with me, and then we evolved into piano, vocals, and songwriting.  He is one of the only other students that wrote original music at such a young age.  

Ashrith’s parents are absolutely lovely people,  and his mother Suneeta, was the first person to introduce me to Indian tea (tea with lots of spices and milk).  Since then, I have maintained a love for this drink. They were very supportive of creative methods to inspire the kids while they were learning.  I also briefly taught Ashrith’s brother. We did a few lessons, but he was pretty young and enjoyed watching his brother and I play.

Ashrith was one of the performers at my student showcases, and he also got experience having music industry style photos taken of him.  He and his friends learned and grew together as students, and I was a really cool thing to see friends coming together with music creation as the common goal.  They kids would discuss what they wanted to play, and they were able to switch parts, and sing together. It was often a very communal type of vibe at his house,  and many times we would entertain the other neighborhood inhabitants, and his friends would pile in and watch him play (mainly during summer vacation lessons).

The Take Away From This Story:

Community is a great platform for making an activity fun.  It provides a chance for the student to gain valuable live performance experience,  as well as the added benefits of getting over shyness, and insecurity about performing.  Ashrith always seemed to have friends, family, and his parents friends checking him out while he was learning.  I just remember it always being a cool thing to see people get impressed by him, and why wouldn’t they.. He was really good! And to write original songs while only a pre-teen,  songs that he also cold sing and play.. Well that’s pretty impressive. It really is. I take lots of pride in the work he accomplished, and though it’s been a while since I’ve taught him, I hope he is keeping up and doing well. 

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