Turn Your Mistakes Into Your Greatest Lessons


Let’s Face It.. We Are All Screw Up Sometimes

In life we all make good choices,  and bad choices. Some things work out well,  and others not so much. It’s not the missteps we make that have to define us,  but rather it’s what we do with these experiences that matters the most.  

Using words like good and bad as far as choices are concerned,  well that’s up to each individual to decide the parameters of. What’s good for one, may not be good for another, and likewise. So knowing what you desire is absolutely important,  because it is against those desires that all other choices are measured and integrated. It’s imperative that you learn how to read and use your own internal compass to decide which paths you will take on your journey.

All Experiences Are Lessons

If you were to imagine the worst choice you have made in your mind and break it down,  what would you be looking at ?... If you lost a large sum of money, found yourself in legal trouble,  lost a valued partnership, or perhaps something seemingly simple like losing your desire to create, it’s worth analyzing the facts of the matter,  and to consider whether or not whatever choice you made was serving your highest good. It’s not really healthy to harp on woulda, coulda, and shoulda’s,  but in a controlled fashion, these alternative outcomes are worth pondering about for the sake of NOT repeating the same actions, scenarios, or patterns that led to a less than favorable outcome. All experiences are lessons… so what did you learn?.. Are you paying attention or do you fall back into the comfort zone of normalcy bias.. You know,  the only feeling of “business as usual”. The saying a zebra can’t change it’s stripes has some bearing, but fortunately.. We are humans and we CAN alter our awareness, our interaction with the world, and hell, we can even change our appearance. We aren’t zebras, so let’s not get caught up in the idea that we are not able to change. We are.   And hopefully, over our lifetimes, we will and do change, and for the better. 

What have You Learned?

Take some time to think about that “worst mistake”  you made in your life. Write about it.

First write about what happened,  write about what patterns and choices lead up to that outcome,  and then write about weather or not you learned from the experience,  or if you have found yourself back in the same situations again since it happened.  Are you perpetuating, or breaking and redefining patterns?.. We must first recognize patterns before we can mindfully break or redirect them.  

Once you have thought about this one mistake,  then take some time and write about other ones that come to mind.  This isn't about reliving old issues for the sake of wallowing, consider it a check-in where you take an honest look at your current position in life and if you want to change what you see.  Sometimes it’s really nice to do this because it can reveal growth to you that maybe was disregarded somewhere in the shuffle of life, and it can really show the progress that has been made over a period of time.  Conversely, it could be upsetting to see that some habits and patterns have persisted and grown like a neglected tumor. It’s important to not take things such as negative discoveries too harshly, falling into self pity mindsets,  or depression, or anxiety or any of it. USE the knowledge as POWER. See the cracks in the foundation, and repair them.. Have a positive mindset and get things as they could be. And guess what… you’ll probably keep making mistakes,.. But it’s ok.  Really the idea is to have minimal damages no matter what form they take, be they in the shape of financial losses, soured arrangements, missed opportunities and so on. Mindfulness is key. Don't walk through life with blinders on, and definitely don’t take a backseat to your highest visions.  Drive that bus and get to the destination in tact.  

Now Focus On The Wins 

Balancing the losses with the wins is part of this process too.  Think of all the times that things DID work out the way you wanted and hoped. Sometimes people forget to shift the focus to this part of the experiment.  Celebrate the successes and absorb them as deeply as the failures, and study them equally - take the time to break things down to understand WHY and HOW it worked out for you,  and then do what you can to replicate the positive outcome. What did you do different that resonated with you and/or the others that were involved? Would these take-aways work in new situations?..  If you are a band for example: Say you have a really successful show, what made it that way? Was the region favorable? Was the promotion more supported? How long had it been since your last show or show in that region?  Were there more enticing incentives?.. Consider all the elements and see what can be repeated in the future. A good idea may sometimes ALWAYS be a good idea,.. And sometimes it’s NOT. You just need to know what you are working with. 

Write down your Win list and analyze it.  See what comes up.

Don’t Stop Trying

No matter what,  just don’t stop being open to the experiences.  No amount of mistakes deserve power over you, never surrender and never lose heart.  Life is all about falling off horses and getting back on again.. Why?.. Because life goes on and the sun sets and rises just the same,  and as long as you have air in your lungs and the will to try, you have the chance to set things on the track that you most desire. If you do anything long enough,  you will naturally begin to figure out what works and what doesn’t. Sometimes the people who made the most and worst mistakes win equally or more so by discovering the other side of the energy.  A great loss is not worth more or less than a great gain. Lessons are the currency of life. Make as many investments as you can, and don’t let the valleys have any more or less power than the hills.  All things are created equal sooner or later, as it;s the nature of the universe to seek balance… birth, and death.. hot, and cold,... up, and down… they are all part of the One experience. Everything in the middle is the journey of life.  For better AND worse.

Celebrate the mistakes my friends,  they lead the way to our greatest gains as long as you keep learning..

Till next time, 

Be well.

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