Energetics, Cleansing, and Awareness


If there’s one thing that spiritualists, and scientists can agree on, it’s the fact that various energies exist.  Some may call them good or bad “vibes”, or they can also be described as “feelings” or energetic “signatures”.

Take a moment to explore your own experiences… Can you recall a time when, a particular place, person, or thing gave you a strong sense of comfort, security, or relaxation?.. Can you remember times when you felt the opposite, where you felt unease, discomfort, or even unwell?.. What do you suppose is at the root of that?

Energy is all around us.  Science can now use technology to capture energy signatures in the form of scans or photos, and with training, people can also learn to see such things with (or without) their own eyes.  No matter the method you use, energy is a very real thing, and it influences us at every moment. A lot can be said of a person’s own experiences having variables in play as well, which will make energetics different from person to person.  I often present this example when talking about the nature of energy and how it can be altered by perception:

The Shoe

Take a shoe.  What do you see? How does it make you feel?.. For some, it can be seen as an object of foot safety, comfort, or even something more fun like the idea of “travel”, and so a positive energy is assigned to that object in a person’s mind.  Conversely, if a person was beaten with a shoe their entire childhood by an abusive sibling or parent, well then that shoe is going to take on a very different meaning to someone with that experience.. Energy assignment. This is different than a scientific analysis of the particular molecular makeup, or the type of energy a “shoe” has if it is sitting still in a state of inertia, versus in dynamic action while on a person’s foot. These are different kinds of energy descriptors. In this case, we are talking more of subtle energy coming from a more spiritual perspective.

What Energy Do You Or Your Possessions Carry With You?

It can be quite revealing to explore the subtle energies that surround or make up one’s own body, but also that of their possessions.  Let’s talk about our bodies first; so it is my belief and practice to be aware of the fact that as we travel we pick up energy signatures from everywhere, and the nature of those signatures can have a very obvious, or not so obvious effect and influence on how we feel.  If you are in a cancer ward of a hospital, you may feel traces of sadness, sickness, death, or even pain, whereas if you are in a yoga studio, you may feel traces of healing, relaxation, or general wellness. So if on any given day a person has visited two such places, then it can be said that a person would carry a collection of these “vibes” with them for the rest of the day, or at least until they can cleanse.  

Awareness of “why” you feel a certain way on a certain day is a very important aspect to cultivating a being of wellness and health. So take the time in life to check in and say “what is on me from my adventures in life today?”..  When it comes to objects or possessions, a similar approach can be taken. What have you held in your hands today?.. What do those things trigger or release in you (think of the shoe), what has come into contact with your body? And how might that be affecting you overall being?

This brings us to the last concept I will discuss in this blog:


Cleansing is SO important, at least to me.  I require a “reset” daily to feel at my best.  For my body, I do a number of energetic cleansing techniques and practices. A primary practice is intentional showering, where even if I am clean on a physical level, but I have been places or touched things that leave heavy signatures, I really need to use water as a way to neutralize. What I mean by “intentional”, is that I take the shower with the set intention of using it as a type of meditation aided by temperature elements (hot, cold, and moderate) and of course, water.  A shower can re-invigorate me, or take me down a notch after “a day” in the world. Other body related cleansing practices I utilize include mindful diet, hydration, massage, and deep, systematic breathing to purge my lungs of any questionable air I’ve taken in that day. I often recall the time spent with my father in his final days, as he laid in bed slowly slipping away.. The air… that is one thing I’ll never forget.. The way the air in his space affected me. Without getting too detailed, when a person is dying, their breath transforms, and takes on a certain odor, that is well.. not so pleasant, and having spent several days by his bedside as he went through his process, I was breathing the same air that his process was altering.  After he passed, I went home to recharge myself, and what struck me was that all of the “death air” I had been breathing somewhat contaminated my body. My mouth tasted like it, it was all I could smell in my nose, and even my own body gas and sweat had taken on the odor.. This was profound to me and really brought awareness to the correlation between the air quality energetics my body was processing and how I was feeling. It’s fairly simple biological science I imagine, but I was also viewing it from a more spiritual energetics kind of way. I could feel “the death” on me. Needless to say, it took a few weeks for me to shake that energetic residue.

As far as with objects or possessions, I keep it simple.  A little bit of sage always neutralizes things, as well as a little wipe down with water.  This to me, clears the energy, but also beneficially, the dust that collects on things through the natural course of things.  Dead energy (not the same as “death”energy) accumulates on things. Stale, stagnant energy, simply put. It builds up and then it bogs down. These kind of cleansing practices are good for cleaning more superficial energies, but when an item carries a deeper energy, as if it was programmed a certain way, then a more mindful cleansing is required.  Imagine that shoe again, aside from the energetics discussed above, imagine now that you find out that this shoe belonged to a person of social relevance,.. How would that change things?.. It would make a person feel one way to learn that the shoe belonged to serial killer Ted Bundy,.. They might feel sickened, disgusted, or scared.. But what if it belonged to Albert Einstein?.. The shoe would likely end up cherished!!  It comes back down to the perceptions that are formed by various energy signatures. These signatures have influence and effect and can most definitely alter a person's state of being. To perform deeper cleanses on objects, I will lay them out in the sun or moon, or I will leave them in a sacred place to be *reprogrammed*, if you will. Sometimes I will straight up cleanse an object then be rid of it if it is still not jiving with me.  That is an exercise in detachment from material possessions, a generally good practice to have anyway.


It all comes down to awareness, and sensitivity to energy.  Check in with yourself after a day in the world - and cleanse accordingly.  Ask yourself, “Where have I been and how do I feel?”

A simple shower, or walking barefoot in the sand, or laying in the sun can do wonders.

Be aware of how things you own make you feel, and if they don’t serve you, let them go.  If the are still loved, then give them some attention with a nice cleansing, and return them to their place amongst your home.  

Just be aware and take action, because feeling good is important, and these simple concepts and practices can promote those “good vibes” we all relish in when they are present.

Till next time,

Be Well.

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