The Melameds- Family Support Story #3


Over the years, I have been very close with the Melameds, a family I started working with in 2009 or so.  I was Mike and Ethan’s first music teacher, and during our time working together I taught the boys guitar, bass, drums, piano, songwriting, theory, and about being a working musician.  I had the guys take part in the various music talent showcases I hosted with my band Amber Blues, and they became friendly with other students, notably Matt and Paul Rose from Blog #1. In fact they are still friendly now, almost a decade later!!

The boys parents’ Ron and Cheryl were and are still so incredibly supportive of their ambitions, and pulled out all the stops to see that they were able to learn and develop with all the resources they could possibly need.  

There is almost too much that can be said about how supportive this family is not only of their kids, but also of me, my endeavors, and others in the tribe.  They come to the shows, buy the merch, offer opportunities for prosperity, and are some of the most accommodating folks you’ll ever meet.

Ethan and Mike are in their 20s now, and they are respectable, capable, and GOOD people, and it is a pleasure to have had a part of their formative years.

In my time knowing the family there have been ups and downs, as are always to be expected.  There were some cancer scares with Ron, and some medical issues with Ethan’s ear drum (surgery!!), but also great moments of celebration as Ethan was earning notable placements on various symphonies and orchestras, and as Mike continued to absolutely dominate the guitar and piano.

I got to witness these dudes grow up, get their licenses, go to college, and the relationships continue even now as we all get older.  Ethan is one of the star players on ALL of my recording projects, both solo and with Clark & Kobel, having recorded over 62 songs as a hired musician.  He plays flute, piccolo, bassoon, penny whistle, bass, guitar, and so much more. Both kids grew up to be powerhouses,.. just tremendous musicians. And I’m still close with Ron and Cheryl, catching up fairly often.  

The nature of my relationship with the family has been very symbiotic, and mutually supportive, and it’s been a great many years of sharing experiences. I’m glad to have been connected with them.

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