The Roses: Family Support Story #1


Working with families is one of the elements at the core of what I do as a music teacher, musician, and healer.  In over my 20+ years of working in my business, I have encountered so many different family dynamics, and have been able to customize my services to best serve each one in ways that are of great mutual benefit. Not all of my clients are family based, but often they are.  I provide services to families with special needs, with elderly and infant members, parent and child joint sessions, and I’ve even been able to provide support in times of death, medical urgency, birth, divorce, and of course, joy.

This blog series will explore some of the various experiences that I have been privileged to have a role in regarding family dynamics.

Story #1: The Roses

In 2009, I started working with a family called the Roses.  I was teaching two brothers, Paul and Matt. They were both fairly young, with Paul being a teenager, and Matt, a pre-teen.

These kids have an extraordinary Mother, Cindy, who never held back from supporting their musical ambitions, providing them both with lessons, equipment, concert experiences, and all the things two budding musicians could need.  

Shortly into my work with the brothers, Paul, who had a penchant for often being sick, was suddenly diagnosed with ventricular tachycardia (heart issues), which resulted in his needing to be hospitalized, and at a very, very young age, which was something that really called me to action.

Knowing Paul’s insatiable thirst for all things rock music, I made it a point to visit him in the hospital, bringing with me a huge stack of guitar and music magazines that I had been collecting for years.  I think I gave him nearly all of what I had. These magazines contained articles about artists and bands, tutorials on technique and theory, and full song transcriptions of songs. I would hang out with him and keep him company a bit.  I felt that it was the least I could do to support this young rocker on his journey to recovery.

Eventually Paul got out of the hospital and was back into his regular life, which much like myself, included obsessing over being a rock star, and so we continued our work.

In the years to come, I would eventually get Paul and his brother onto a large club stage playing in front of full audiences as a part of a rock variety show series, and I would help facilitate their first photoshoots, and even help with their first original songs.

I still to this day, probably closer to ten years later than not, keep up with Paul and Matt and take occasional roles in their activities.  Paul, and his brother Matt, have several bands, where Matt plays drums, and Paul sings, plays guitar, bass, and writes songs. They have become the very hoped for goal that I always strive for as a teacher; fully functioning professional musicians.  There is no greater satisfaction as a teacher than to see students come into their own and when that happens, it really creates a sense of personal accomplishment. You never know,.. one of them may someday become the next great star, and I’m always thrilled to know that I had an important part of the journey.

At the end of the day though, I was happy to be able to support a young kid in a bad situation, and that is what has brought me the most joy.

Check Out Paul and Matt’s Band Future Reflection:

Paul’s FIRST Solo E.P., “All The Best” will be available June 21st, 2019 on Itunes, Band Camp, Spotify and more.  

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