3 Ways To Stay Motivated


Motivation is something that seems to come and go.  What is it that drives us to pursue something? Where does that fire originate, and more importantly, how do we keep that fire lit?  Motivation, the thing that pushes us forward, but the thing that also can be daunting and overwhelming. How do we wrestle this beast into serving us instead of scaring us?  Here are some tips I can share from my experiences:

1. Gimmie fuel, gimmie fire, gimmie that which I desire!! YEAH!!

Fuel is the substance or energy source that creates motion, combustion, momentum, propulsion.. Movement!!! For cars, gasoline is needed.  For wind turbines, wind is needed. For human bodies, water and food are needed. For creativity, INSPIRATION is needed. So where does inspiration come from and how does that turn into motivation?  

Inspiration comes from ANYTHING that can be imbibed, or experienced that creates ideas and provokes thought.  Read a book. Write in a journal. See a movie. Go for a walk.. The options are endless, but know what gets your motor running, and then feed it and keep feeding it until you are at your destination.  

2. Know the goal, and don’t let it out of your sight

Once you know your purpose, chase it to the ends of the earth, and then chase it some more.  In my experience, I have never allowed a plan B to emerge, just more variations of plan A, and for some that is crazy.  Sheer insanity. Not for me though. I have known what I want since I was twelve years old, and even now at thirty-five (as of 2019), I am still just as hungry, and only getting smarter and better at how I am pursuing my passion. Really, it takes a lifetime, and there cannot be room for distraction, deviation, nor worst of all, quitting.  Not if the goal is true and pure and committed to. That’s the big thing, commitment. One does not simply identify their dream, chase it for twenty years, and then say, I’ve had enough. If that happens then there was never a real commitment in the first place. Creatively, I am an old school, come hell or high water loyalist to the plan.  So when you are needing that motivation, remind yourself that you (may have) made a life commitment and that it needs to be honored. It’s fairly simple really. Do the thing, and then do it some more. Remember the goal, focus on it intently, and do whatever you need to (while honoring your boundaries and values) and just never stop. Be motivated by the fire inside to accomplish the goal, no matter what it is.

3. A little competition is not the worst thing..

There are healthy and unhealthy forms of competition, and one must walk the line.  Competition by nature can be a motivational force unlike any other, but it can also be a deadly trap that becomes all consuming. Watch your peers, study them, transmute any jealousy or envy into fuel, and then use that fuel to move ahead.  Let yourself feel the sensations of these emotions, but do not allow them to become more important than that which you are trying to manifest. Most importantly, if you find yourself resenting your peers, then stop, take a look within, and really assess where the roots of the feelings are coming from and WHY?.. Why is it not a thing to feel compersion (the feeling of joy in another person's joy)?...It very well should be.  

Align with your “foes”, and create with them.  Collaboration can still foster a workable sense of competition, but it need not be toxic.  Take Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys for example, when the Beatles were burning up the charts, the Beach Boys were not far behind, and there was a friendly competition brewing.  It became Brain Wilson’s goal to match or even surpass the success of the Beatles, and that urge to keep up or pull ahead is how the famous album, “Pet Sounds” was created. It was a direct response to the Beatles releases, specifically of Abbey Road, if I’m not mistaken.  So YES, feel that burn to WIN, and work your ass off to accomplish that, but do it in productive ways, and always keep it friendly if possible. No wo/man is an island, and it really does take a communal effort to bring about larger change in our own personal worlds and that of the larger world we all share.

When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going..

This is at the core of the truth about motivation.   Don’t give up, don’t back down, and for the love of God/dess, don’t start self-hating or tearing down your creations.  I have a mantra that I use often, and teach to others; “If you are cruel to your creations, your creations won’t come.” The importance of preserving the love for your sacred work is critical to maintaining motivation.  The creations are the *everything* element at the nucleus of WHY you are doing the work, so protect them like your children, and love them endlessly and unconditionally.

Keep at it, and remember.. Eye on the prize.

Be well

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