The Harrys- Family Support Story #5


I started working with Paul and Mike Harry around 2017, and I started them off with a father-son lesson format, something we have maintained the whole time since.  They both started together, and have grown as a duo of players ever since.

Paul has another son, Christopher, who is Mike's twin brother, and he has autism with speech difficulty, so one of the intentions was to also at some point include him in the lessons as well.Paul is a passionate father, who pulls out all the stops to support his family.  Paul converted his basement, which was a storage space the first year I was there working with them, into a full sensory play gym, with a foam block pit, ceiling mounted swing, and tumbling mats. Given my work with the special needs communities, his devotion to helping his special needs son is especially inspirational and humbling to me.  This family is one where I often leave feeling energized by the interaction and I always look forward to working with them.

One of the most satisfying parts of teaching Paul and Mike, has been witnessing their progress from knowing literally nothing, to where they now know closer to than further from 100 songs.  Every week they present to me, at least two or three new songs they’ve learned, and they are of all genres, from rock to pop to punk, and beyond. Paul comes from the 80s generation with all of the heavy metal and pop, and his mother, who I also occasionally do my Moon Magick And Manifestation Journaling Program with, was very big into the 60s and 70s hard rock, so Mike’s musical roots go deep with his family.  He loves the modern stuff but also has a passion for all of the gems of classic rock.

One particularly memorable story I share with Mike and Paul comes from 2018. When I had just arrived at their house for their class, Paul said he had just literally scored tickets to Judas Priest and Deep Purple, and so they were planning on going, but since I had just gotten there, they invited me along and got me a ticket.  So that was really great!! We ended up not sitting together as my ticket was in an accidentally closer to the stage section, but nonetheless it was cool to be able to be included in the experience with my students. And you know the next time we met up we talked about the show and worked on some Deep Purple guitar riffs. It was really heartwarming to be so readily included in such an outing.

My takeaway thought about working with this family is this:

Involve your family.  Get mom, and the kids, and dad, and whoever else involved.. Make it a household happening, and see how the creativity flows and thrives.  It really does and will improve the happiness and quality in a household.

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