The Borkars: Family Support Story #11


Working with families is one of the elements at the core of what I do as a music teacher, musician, and healer.  Over my 20+ years of working in my business I have encountered so many different family dynamics, and have been able to customize my services to best serve each one that in ways that are of great mutual benefit. Not all of my clients are family based, but often they are.  I provide services to families with special needs, with elderly and infant members, parent and child joint sessions, and I’ve even been able to provide support in times of death, medical urgency, birth, divorce, and of course, joy. 

This blog series explores some of the various experiences that I have been privileged to have had a role in regarding family dynamics.

Story #11: The Borkars

For a great many years, I taught Advait Borkar.  He was probably around 10 years old when we started lessons.  At the time, they lived in a condo, and shortly after we started, they moved into a big, beautiful home not too far away, so I continued working with them since they had stayed local.  

Advait has a natural gift for music, performing on several instruments including saxophone, which I did not teach him, as well as piano, guitar, and vocals, all of which I did teach him during our time together.

The family was always so welcoming and supportive of Advait and his brothers’ interests and aptitudes, so it was always a delight to work with them.

Like a few of my other students, I was able to give Advait some of his first big opportunities in music. I taught him how to write songs, as well as perform them, how to write lead sheets, edit lyrics, and record.  He is one of the few students that I was able to get into a recording studio at such an early age, and together we recorded two original songs. I had him come to work with renowned mastering engineer, Dennis Drake, whose engineering fame can be experienced on such hits as “Layla” by Derek And The Dominoes (Eric Clapton), as well as countless hits from Dolly Parton, The Allman Brothers, The New York Dolls, and so many more.  It was a thrill to see such a young kid get to work with an established industry pro.

I also guided Advait through his first large rock club experiences, which included photo shoots, working with a band, and gaining valuable experience attending rehearsals, all culminating at the live performances.

He always did amazing, and I was full of pride to see him thrive and grow.

Eventually Advait became very active with his school orchestras and jazz bands, so we shifted focus to that catalog of music.  He always impressed me with his versatility. This kid could do jazz, rock, and pop, not to mention often while playing and singing at the same time.  

We haven’t done sessions in a few years now, but he still holds standing as one of my most accomplished students and I still use his drive and focus as an example for my other up-and-coming students.  

The Take Away From This Story

Sometimes natural talent just screams from the rooftops, and when it does, heed the call.  His parents did a spectacular job raising him and his brother. They are cultured, talented, and kind people.  Support skill with steadfast attention and great things will happen. Advait worked so hard to earn his accomplishments and his family took an interactive role which provided him the resources he needed to thrive.  

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