Are You Really Doing What You Want To Do In Your Life?



If I were to ask you, “Do you love your job?” or “Do you love your life?,” What would you say?... How fast would you be able to respond?...  Would you try to deny your truest answer?

The truth is that a lot of people go through life feeling like they haven’t found their niche, or that they haven’t really discovered their “purpose”, as some would say.

This can be a devastating position to find oneself in, especially as a person edges closer to their thirties and above.  People in their twenties are still coming out of the post high school years where the next level lessons of workplace experience, independent living, college , and all things of that manner are all becoming routine, and a way of “adult” life.  For some that’s great!!, but for others, it can be a sudden nightmare to find themselves thirty five years old and totally out of touch with their joy.

A lot will depend on a person’s upbringing, and for how long their creativity had been (potentially) stifled and suppressed. Often there are family or societal pressures and all manner of different “shoulds” that are imposed on people from early ages.  But how often are people stopping and asking “Does *this* make me truly happy?,” “Do I feel inspired?,” “Would I be able to do this forever and from a place of joy?”... These are really important questions to answer and acknowledge BEFORE trudging through a multi-year college career, or before becoming deeply worked into the cogs and sprockets of some corporate machine. Regret is an unpleasant thing, and though there is nothing wrong with college, or corporate jobs, it’s also NOT for everyone, and for those dying to feel creativity and joy, such institutions can feel like a prison, or hell incarnate.

I like to ask people, “What would you do in life if there were no obstacles before you?.... Music ?... Art?.... Dance?...”  I ask this because I’m curious about people’s feelings about how they spend their time and energy, and if it brings them pleasure.  When this same idea is made a little smaller, a little less intensely important, more like “What can you create in your life that won’t be too imposing as far as time, money, or resources?”.. Something small like a 4 line poem, or a pencil sketch on a napkin..., a melody that you hum into a voice recorder..., Often these things present themselves as little moments of inspired thought, and they are just as quickly disregarded, and then later griped about with passive aggressive self-battering through statements like “I wish I did this…,” or “I want to do that… BUT...”  But. The ugly word of doubt. “....But I don’t have money,...but I’m not creative enough,... but I suck at this or that..” All the negative self talk. But the tragedy is that often people speak of their actual careers or work / life situations the SAME way... Negative, negative, negative. The addiction of suffering.

Something’s gotta give. Ideally, there would be a healthy balance, and empowerment to all aspects of a life; including relationships, career, and recreation...

Think on some of these ideas a while and assess your joy and your suffering,  Take note of what gets complained about and what doesn’t, attempt to raise awareness of when “I wishes” arise. Are they dismissed or entertained?...Are you really happy doing what you are doing?

That’s for you to decide.

Thanks for reading

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