The Pepes/Clarkes- Family Support Story #4


When I think of large, tight-knit families, the Pepes and the Clarkes come right to mind for me. I taught six members of this family over the last ten years.  I have basically taught all the kids, with the exception of one sister.

With the Pepes, I taught three out of four of the sons, Pat, Joe, and Gerard, and their father Jerry.  They all dabbled with guitar, bass, piano, singing, some song-writing, and a whole lot of music theory.  I taught them long enough to see them through middle school to college, and even a bit beyond.

Memories of many Christmases full of beautiful decorations, the famous “Xmas Mix Cds” (which I often helped reproduce!), and tons and tons of cookies while I was there teaching stand out in my mind the most.  The mother, Danelle, is such a marvelous decorator and really one of those incredibly supportive and loving super moms. I had originally met her when I was a spin instructor (once upon a time, long ago), and from there we became friends and I started working with her kids.  

I worked with the Pepe’s for a good many years, and eventually they linked me up with the cousins, the Clarkes.  

Of the Clarkes, I taught the eldest son Bret, and as of 2019, I still teach Ryan, who is now nearing the end of high school.  I’ve been working with Ryan so long that I can remember when he was like four feet short!! He just might be taller than me now.  One of the coolest things about Ryan, is that the dude has learned nearly three hundred songs with me since we have been working together, and he knows a lifetime's worth of theory.  He was a slow starter too, often resisting lessons when he was younger, and then the day came where he suddenly was VERY into it. I remember those days.

I have had a great relationship with the Clarkes, the same as with their other side of the family the Pepes.  The Clarkes are equally as kind, equally as supportive, and really just a wonderful family to serve. I’ve been around long enough to experience some births, deaths, sicknesses, and the usual ebb and flows of a family with them, and even was able to offer Reiki services a few times over the years.  They were clients of mine when I was still married, which was essentially a lifetime ago, so it’s really amazing to me to have such realizations that I’ve worked with them for so long.

It’s humbling, and brings me to a place of gratitude that both families would not only bring me in as a teacher, but as one to whom they show amazing loyalty and support.  

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